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Power of Attorney

PLEASE NOTE - If you have arrived at this page and have not yet read the full instructions, then please read these instructions before you proceed.

For attestation of Power of Attorney, the applicant will have to appear in this Mission in person. Please note that the High Commission does not attest content of the document, instead it attests the signature of the signatory. Hence the signatory has to come to the High Commission in person and sign on the document before the Consular Officer.

Personal appearance before the Consular Officer of the High Commission is not obligatory if the document is attested by Department/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the respective government of Australia/New Zealand/Fiji or by the Honorary Consul General / Consul of Bangladesh. (Applicants are requested to check with their DFAT/MFAT regarding their procedures for getting documents attested).

Please click here to see the Power of Attorney Rules-2015 enacted by the Ministry of Law, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh on 23 July 2015. The complete set of instructions and samples of conferring Power to Attorney, Affidavit, Cancellation of Power of Attorney etc are available there.

Documents to be submitted:
  • An application addressed to the Consular officer, Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra mentioning the purpose of service with applicant's contact details.
  • The original “power of attorney document” and a set of photocopies.
  • Power giver/Executant’s Bangladesh passport (valid)/ National ID/ Birth Registration Certificate and for foreigners his/her passport of Australia/New Zealand/ Fiji/ Solomon Island/Vanuatu
  • Power receiver's Bangladesh passport (valid)/ National ID/ Birth Registration Certificate
  • Two copies of recent passport size photographs (with white background) of both the power giver and power receiver are to be affixed.
  • Power giver will sign those photographs across and apply his/her fingerprints on those photographs
  • Proof of payment.
  • In case of sending the documents by mail after having it attested by the relevant authorities in Australia/New Zealand/ Fiji, please send a self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope (requiring signature on delivery) or arrange pre-paid return courier. (Please see more on Modes of Delivery) Please provide separate envelope to avoid delay in your service delivery. If you apply for different service (for example both NVR and MRP or Birth Registration and MRP etc ) provide separate return envelope for each service as service delivery time is different for different services. 

Fee for this service will depend on the size of the document. For each set of documents, fee for the first page is A$ 11.00. For each subsequent page, the fee is @ A$ 6.00 per page. 

Modes of Payment: (Click here) 

Please note:

  • The High Commission is not responsible for documents lost or delayed in mail / Courier.
  • For applications in person- please appear at the High Commission between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm on working days. No application in person would be received beyond this time except in case of emergency.