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Attestation of Documents

PLEASE NOTE - If you have arrived at this page and have not yet read the full instructions, then please read these instructions before you proceed.

Note: Applicants living in NSW & Queensland are requested to apply to the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney.

General Guidelines 

Attestations of various documents such as Marriage Certificate, Power of Attorney, Educational Certificate, Commercial documents for business houses trading with Bangladesh or the documents required to be submitted to the authorities in Bangladesh are done by the High Commission. 

Documents originating in Bangladesh must first be attested by the authorised officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka meeting necessary requirements. Documents originating in Australia/New Zealand/Fiji have to be first attested/authenticated by the concerned authority (i.e. Foreign Ministry/Department of that country) before its submission to this High Commission for attestation. Please check with the concerned authorities (DFAT/MFAT) for their specific procedures for authentication/attestation of the documents.